Sarah-Hopper-Stranger Things Theory Could She still be alive

The Stranger Things theory is that Jim Harper’s daughter Sarah did not actually die when she was in the hospital, and in fact, she survived the incident. I’ll start by addressing and explaining a few of the clues. All of these little clues start popping up as soon as hopper and Joyce went to the upside down to look for will. The very first most well-known piece of evidence is the scene, where Hopper and his daughter are playing and she immediately starts to lose her breath. Hopper and his wife already start showing a little bit concern, like what’s wrong with my daughter. They set her down and she starts looking around quite frantically sort of mimicking what Will does in the season 2 trailer. Of course this comes as a flashback after Hopper starts talking to Joyce about slowing down her breathing.

Stranger Things Thoery Sarah Harper is aliveThe second piece of evidence comes almost immediately after that where Hopper finds this little stuffed animal in the debris in the upside down. This is making him think of his adventures in hospital with his daughter. Later on we see a flashback with Eleven where she has a very similar plushie. The thing that was very significant was not that they had a similar stuffed toy, but that the camera panned the same exact way in both scenes. Next something that Hopper said to Joyce is something that really sticks out to me. Joyce is talking to Hopper about how she thinks she can he Will. Hopper then replies that after Sarah died, I heard her too. He even brushes it off by saying it wasn’t real and he needs to ignore those things. If he doesn’t want to fall down a very deep hole. Which immediately begged the question, what if it was real? Throughout the series we do see her pretending that his daughter is alive. Making remarks to friends about how she won the Spelling Bee. Clearly, he’s not dealing with it as well as he could be and as well as h e’s making it seem to be. Later on in the series, Hopper says something to Mr. Clark regarding his daughter and how she always understood the stars in the universe in the galaxy. This wasn’t a huge thing, but it sort of implied that she had supernatural powers like 11, because of course she would understand the stars in the galaxies in the universe if she was part of that on a much greater level. For the record, evidence does not support that Sarah Hopper is Eleven for numerous reasons. The main reason being that both Hopper and his wife Diane both have blue eyes. While in TV land, it is possible to have two blue-eyed parents with a brown eyed child, but the little actress that they picked to play Sarah Hopper had blue eyes.

Secondly I think it would be a bit too much of a cliché for Stranger Things. The show is known for its complex characters and unexpected story plots. For these reasons, I just can’t see Eleven being Jim Harper’s daughter. It’s far too obvious.
The last piece of evidence is actually something David Harbor said in an interview with Millie Bobby Brown. David is actually asked by a fan if his character is Eleven’s father. He replies by saying, he can’t say anything on the matter, but that’s a very good theory. If that was the case, he would not be allowed to go that far without getting into some serious trouble with the Duffers. This just implies that there’s much more going on with his daughter than what meets the eye. You might be thinking none of this actually implies that she’s alive and you’d be right. There’s nothing really in the show that solidly suggests that Sarah Hopper is alive. If you notice something in the show that does suggest this please provide a comment below.

How could have Sarah Hopper have survived?

The most likely way that Sarah Harper survived his situation was that she didn’t actually die. The doctors and nurses were covering up the fact that she was still breathing and her heart was still beating. If you recalled from that show, Jane Ives is in fact Eleven, meaning that mother would be Terry Ives. If that’s a case, that means that all the doctors and the nurses in all of the medical professionals went along with Dr. Byrne a story that Terry’s baby was in fact a miscarriage. If you think about it Hopper and Diane probably would have been so panicky at this point in time, they would not have noticed a slight rise and fall of the daughter’s chest. The doctors and nurses could easily wheeled her out the room and say sorry your kid is dead, and create a fake body. Then bring Hopper and Diane back in to the morgue and show them the new fake body. The only person who would have questioned the situation would be Hopper. Which leads to the idea that he believes his daughter is alive. He knows it would destroy his life, if he believes she’s alive, but to everyone else, she’s actually dead.

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