Stranger Things Theory The hand reaches out to her

The opening scene of Stranger Things shows four boys animatedly playing Dungeons and Dragons. But what is the Demogorgon in Dugeons and Dragons?

stranger Things playing D&D and the Demogorgon appearsDemogorgon is not a species of monster but the proper name of a unique bad guy in Dungeons and Dragons. He’s got 200 hit points, three attacks per turn, and a whole slew of special defenses, including a 95% magic resistance. So, for the record, Will, you probably would have been better off casting protection and just hiding.

The interesting thing about Demogorgon, at least as far as Stranger Things is concerned, is that he has two separate heads, each with its own power and personality. One head has the ability to charm, and one head has the ability to paralyze. If both heads decide to work together, they have the power to outright hypnotize opponents. But that’s a pretty big “if”, because Demogorgon’s heads don’t play very well with each other. They’re basically separate entities, each struggling for dominance. The Demogorgon also sports a plethora of magic abilities that he can use at-will, including telekinesis. It doesn’t take long to realize that there is some strange connection between the Demogorgon and Eleven.

Could the creators of Stranger Things be subtly alluding to the AD&D Demogorgon here?

Is Eleven the better half of the Demogorgon?

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  1. […] the upside down, good and bad, Demogorgon’s two heads, and so on. Thus, it makes sense to think Eleven and the Demogorgon are also representing two sides, good and bad. I think it is an interesting idea, but there is not […]