Walking home with her 12-year-old daughter after midnight on the Fourth of July, Teena crosses paths with some local losers to be brutally gang raped with her daughter Bethie watching. Bethie is able to identify the rapists, but when the rapists hire a hot shot attorney who attacks Teena’s character, Dromoor, a local police officer who was first on the scene when police were called, starts to take matters into his own hands.

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Vengeance: A Love Story never drags, Nicolas Cage maintains a laconic restraint for the most part, and the movie – due out on March 27th, 2017 – is certainly worth at least a look. Full review
John Dromoor (Nicolas Cage) is a Gulf War veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart, and now has settled into the life of a smalltown police detective in the area around Niagara Falls, but his experiences have left him with some troubles he does not share with anyone around him, mostly because he does not allow himself to get close to anyone. Recently he was on a stakeout with his partner when the case went horribly wrong and there was a shootout which left that partner dead, and this has made Dromoor retreat further into himself, but one night he is in a bar drinking alone when he is approached by young widow and mother Teena (Anna Hutchison) who strikes up a rather one-sided conversation. A fateful meeting on a fateful evening… Full review
Graeme Clark
With a low-budget crime film starring Nicolas Cage, there’s at least a chance that the actor delivers one of his unhinged or otherwise inscrutable performances, thus shifting the hackneyed material to a different level of entertainment. Alas, Johnny Martin’s crime potboiler, set in Niagara Falls, doesn’t offer that.  Full review
Al Hoff

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Niagara Falls form?

They form the southern end of the Niagara Gorge. … Niagara Falls was formed when glaciers receded at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation (the last ice age), and water from the newly formed Great Lakes carved a path through the Niagara Escarpment en route to the Atlantic Ocean.

How much water does Niagara Falls drop?

More than 168,000 cubic metres (6 million cubic ft.) of water go over the crestline of the falls every minute during peak daytime tourist hours.
The Canadian Horseshoe Falls drops an average of 57 metres (188 ft.) into the Lower Niagara River.

How many people have visited Niagara Falls?

Cave of the Winds, the Three Sister Islands, a Nikola Tesla statue and dozens of walking paths are visited by tourists to Goat Island every year. It is estimated that around 30 million people visit Niagara Falls each year, with numbers rising all the time.

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