After the abduction and presumed death of Mackenzie Allen Phillips’ youngest daughter, Missy, Mack receives a letter and suspects it is from God, asking him to return to The Shack where Missy may have been murdered. After contemplating it, he leaves his home to go to The Shack for the first time since Missy’s abduction and an encounter that will change his life forever.

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In his time of great sadness over his daughter’s death, Mackenzie receives a note in his mailbox inviting him to make a weekend visit to the shack where Missy was murdered. The note is signed “Papa” — his wife, Nan’s (Radha Mitchell), nickname for God. Full review
Ted Giese
In most faith-based movie drama, God is a presence — that’s sort of the whole point — but He’s a barely visible, off-center one. He’s a character who influences events, but that doesn’t mean we see a man in a robe and a white beard. In “The Shack,” though, we really do — or, more precisely, we see Octavia Spencer, aglow with impish insight and beatific grins, as if she was on hand to give a message to Morgan Freeman: There’s a new God in town. Some members of the American Evangelical community are already up in arms over the portrayal, for reasons that are pretending not to be racist.  Full review
Owen Gleiberman
Doctrinal considerations aside, The Shack benefits from the aforementioned cast and decent production values. Its biggest flaw is its length; two hours and 12 minutes is far too long for what’s really a fairly simple story. The sequence featuring a personified “Wisdom” also feels contrived, since it doesn’t fit with the otherwise strictly biblical characters.. Full review
Sandie Angulo Chen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Was the movie based on a book?

The Shack is a novel by Canadian author William P. Young that was published in 2007. The novel was self-published but became a USA Today bestseller, having sold 1 million copies as of June 8, 2008.

Was it based on a true story?

However, with all this said, the book is very much true in many regards.  The experience of the author that it was based upon is “true” and many of the themes and discussions between characters include elements of Biblical Truth, Theology and Philosophy and to the extent that those issues exist outside of the story line (in the context of the discussions)  those can be said to be “true” at least in terms of the presenting the views of the author. So here is the thing … this book IS TRUE. But it is fictionalized in its account of the author’s life.

How much is Octavia Spencer net worth?

Octavia Spencer net worth: Octavia Spencer is an American actress who has a net worth of $12 million. Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Octavia Spencer graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Liberal Arts. She began her professional acting career in the mid-90s, appearing in the film “A Time to Kill”.

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