In sun-kissed Emerald Bay, the vigorous Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon and Baywatch, his elite team of hand-picked and perfectly tanned lifeguards, protect the bay, keeping both sunbathers and beach lovers safe. However, this summer, two new eager trainees will join the demanding life-saving program, as well as an insubordinate former Olympic swimmer, who are all called to prove their worth on the lifeguard towers just on time when a new synthetic street drug begins to infest the Emerald Bay: the flakka. Without a doubt, this calls for some serious undercover teamwork action, as the badgeless heroes in spandex comb the beach for shady newcomers and nefarious entrepreneurs with hidden agendas of their own. Can Mitch’s band save the bay?

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Johnson plays head Baywatcher Mitch Buchannon, the part made famous by David Hasselhoff, who like his former co-star Pamela Anderson, appears here in a minuscule torch-passing cameo. Mitch is a legend in the geographically vague beach town of Emerald Bay, the subject of giant sand sculptures and apocryphal local myths. (“Is it true he invented Google?” breathes one admirer.) As the movie begins, Mitch is overseeing the annual tryouts for the elite Baywatch team. Full review
Dana Stevens
It’s official: we’ve now entered the critical, Code Red phase of Hollywood’s remake epidemic. What seemed to start off as a winking and benign recycling of the pop culture past has mutated into something far more insidious. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Baywatch — the rare movie that even the Teflon-coated, thousand-watt charisma of Dwayne Johnson can’t save. Full review
The new Baywatch movie is both a remake and a send-up of the preeningly stupid boobs-and-pecs TV lifeguard drama that was a joke the instant it premiered — though not the kind of joke in which the makers incessantly nudged you in the ribs and flattered you for getting all the meta. This one is so pickled in irony that the characters have to comment on every jiggle. It’s the smart-ass nerd’s Baywatch. The movie is okay, though, if you don’t mind manic pacing and icky dick jokes. Full review
David Edelstein

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Baywatch being filmed?

Filming. Principal photography on the film began on February 22, 2016, in Deerfield Beach, Florida, with the setting in Broward County, Florida, while the TV series was set in Malibu, California. The film was shot in Miami and Savannah, Georgia.

How much do lifeguards make in Los Angeles?

Seasonal lifeguards make anywhere from $16 to $20 an hour. Full-time lifeguards, known as permanents, make up to $27 an hour. A permanent oversees a couple of miles of beach, and other lifeguards assigned there.

When was Baywatch aired?

The show ran in its original title and format from 1989 to 1999, except for the 1990–1991 season, during which it was not in production. From 1999 to 2001, with a setting change and large cast overhaul, it was known as Baywatch Hawaii.

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