Game of Thrones Theory: Will Bran go back in time to defeat the Night King

Beric Dondarrion Thinks you only need to kill the night king to end the long nightA popular Game of Thrones theory floating around the internet, is that Bran is, or will become the Night King. This theory does have its plausibility. Also, could the Night King be related to any of the other characters?

In season six we discovered that Bran has the power to change the past. Perhaps in season eight, when all hope seems to be lost, Bran decides to go back in time to try and stop the White Walkers. This theory suggests that Bran will get lost in the past and go out to be the human that will become the Night King. We know that the two are connected. If the Night King was able to touch Bran in one of his visions, which suggests that he is a green seer just like him. It would also explain how he seems to know where Jon Snow will be, but that could just be the convenience of plot.

Another character who seems to be connected to the night king is Jon Snow, with many people believing that John will be the one to kill him and defeat the Army of the Dead once and for all. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to have Jon Snow sacrifice himself to save the world, but there could be more to the story than his death. Perhaps the Night King is immortal, and the only way to stop the Army of the Dead is to become a Night King. Perhaps Jon or even Bran will fulfill this prophecy by sacrificing themselves to become the Night King and spending the rest of their days beyond the wall alone away from everyone else. Another theory that has great plausibility is that in the last long night, which took place thousands of years ago, the Night King and the first men made a truce. The Night King then created the wall, and took the White Walkers to live peacefully for eternity unless a truce was broken. The wall was so thick and high it seems unlikely that one man was able to build it. It would make more sense for a Night King to create it. We’ve also seen evidence of the Night King being able to make a truce with of humans, for example his deal with Craster where if he supplies him a baby boys, he will leave the rest of his me alone. So what kind of thing could have broken the truce of the Night King? I believe it could be Daenerys and her dragons. Ice and Fire has been a recurrent theme throughout the series, and perhaps the birth of the Dragons has led to the Night King to break the truce and resurrect the Army for Dead. This is something I can definitely see happening, because it doesn’t quite make sense that the main villain in Game of Thrones is the Night King. He’s pretty important to it, but I feel like the way the story has gone so far George RR martin wouldn’t create all of these stories and plots and characters just to have one endgame massive war. It just doesn’t really make sense to me. I think the ending which he has described as bittersweet is going to be a lot more shocking and have more of a twist to it. I think what will happen in season 8 is that there will be a proper wall of ice in the fire between Daenerys and the Night King.

Another theory suggests that the Night King is somehow connected to the Starks, whether he created them, was a Stark, made a truce with them. It’s an interesting theory. If what Beric Dondarrion says in season eight is true, and that if you kill the Night King, you’ll kill all of the White Walkers. It makes the decision to go after him even harder for John because not only will he be sacrificing himself. He’ll also be sacrificing his entire family as if the Night King created all of the Starks, then that means that the Starks will all die which is a good linking with a bittersweet ending of game of Thrones, but still I’m not sure. It is all speculation. I do however think that he is going to die in season eight or there’ll be a truce, but I think there’s going to be some twist with it whether it will end up the Starks or John Snow will have to become a new Night King, or even that there is going to be no great war. It will just be another truce and another kind of agreement between the living and the dead. It all depends on how seasons going to go.

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