5 major questions concerning Stranger Things Season 2

Is Eleven alive?
She is in the upside down. The last time we saw Eleven, played by the actress Millie Bobby Brown, she was fighting off the Demogorgon. She had just defeated it, but in doing so, they both disintegrated into the ether. Now that we know that Millie Bobby Brown is going to be in season two, the question is, how is she still alive, and where is she if she’s still alive? The duffer brothers, who are the creators of the series, have confirmed that she is still living, but Ross duffer told IGN that they wanted to leave it purposefully ambiguous. In my opinion, what is more ambiguous than the upside down? At the end of season 1, we see hopper deliver a box full of eggos to a box in the woods, and it’s suggested that he might have some inkling of where she is.

How is Eleven connected with Hopper’s daughter?
Well we know that she’s not actually his daughter, but she might be related to him in some way.We met Eleven’s mom in season one, a woman named Terry Ives. She calls Eleven, Jane, which we can only assume is Eleven’s real name. We know hops daughter’s name is Sarah, so that already eliminates the idea that Eleven is actually Hobbes daughter. We know that Brenner, the man that Eleven calls papa, was part of a project that experimented on kids. We know Hobbes daughter died of cancer supposedly, but what if he now suspects that she’s ten or nine or number one. Eleven is after all the eleventh number in a sequence of numbers. Maybe that’s why he seems to be working for the bad guys, and maybe that’s why he betrayed the kids.

Will is and will we see more of the upside down?
The upside down is actually an alternate universe, one that has been attacked by a third dimension. Many people think the upside down is Hawkins future. The idea is at eleven tore a hole in the space-time continuum, which allows for a flow between different timelines. An even crazier theory to explain the upside down is that it’s an alternate version of Hawkins, one that has been invaded by a third dimension of creatures. These are the same creatures that make the world look so dilapidated. It has created these creatures like the Demogorgon, and that alternate dimension is being destroyed by this third dimension that Eleven attracted during her connection inside of the sensory deprivation tank. If the upside down is actually a future version of Hawkins, one that’s been destroyed by the US government, after it’s been nuked to hell because of the giant mutant creature that we see in the teasers.

How dangerous is the Thessalhydra?
stranger things Season 2 - ThessalhydraThe Thessalhydra was the monster that the boys faced in the last D&D campaign we see at the end of the season. All we know about the Thessalhydra is we see the shadow of a large monster standing in the distance in one of the teaser trailers. Now there’s not a lot to go off of with this monster, but judging by the size it is obviously going to be way bigger than the Demogorgon. It’s going to take a lot more effort than just Eleven to take this creature down.

Will Byers is part monster?
After the final scene in season 1, we see will standing in the bathroom, throwing up those gross upside-down slugs and seeing him flash back and forth between the upside down and the current world. It’s definitely clear that we haven’t seen the last of the upside down, and we’ll definitely hasn’t seen the loss of the upside down in some of the teaser trailers. We see that will is going to be undergoing some more testing and after the long time that he spent in the upside down I think we can be sure that there’s something definitely wrong with him. We see that he could be potentially linked to the Thessalhydra. Since we see him standing at a doorway, and we see the door slowly open and we see the monster in the distance. This all seems to be a dream sequence, but it definitely points to the fact that Will is connected to the monster. This could potentially make him into the major villain of the second season, and those are my top 5 fan theory so far there’s a lot to be interpreted from what we’ve seen and what we’ve been seeing as far as promotion material. The show will be coming back October 27, 2017 on Netflix. I love to hear your theories on what we’ll see if this fall on stranger things. Feel free to post them below.

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